Tyvek® Wallets - Monkey Wallets® - Penguins

Tyvek® Wallets

The Monkey Wallets® are tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek®, these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving them incredible strength. 

The ingenious origami construction is an original folded Tyvek® wallet designed by Monkey Wallets®. The stitch less design reinforces the materials own strength and allows these very slim wallets to instantly expand and adapt to your own personal storage needs. 

We was not the First, but we are the Best! (people say this, check our facebook)


Model: Penguins

Size: 9,5 x 7,5 cm

Weight: 0,7 g

Durability: 3/4 years

Material: Tyvek®