Shipping Methods sends their wallets around the world quickly and safely through the top post. 

We offer the following types of shipments: 

A. DHL express service for international orders. 

B. Correo Argentino for local and international orders. 

The costs and delivery time vary according to weight and final destination of the order.


Orders  Postmail  Time
 Correo Argentino
 Correo Argentino
 48 to 72 hs
 2 to 5 business days
 10 to 15 days


Transit times are calculated from when the order leaves Monkey tank Wallets and may vary by time of year. 

In order to optimize the costs of shipping, Monkey Wallets orders shipped as soon as the entire order is available. If the order can not be completed for any reason, the customer service of Monkey Wallets communicates with the User for intruya us about it. 

The price paid by the User in respect of shipping includes transport the product to the address in Argentina or abroad.